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Back and Awesome

The abandonment of my 328-follower I Don’t Know Advertising blog marks the point of my life where I am no longer an advertising student, and I no longer have to pretend to hunt down references to satisfy people who believe it’s more important that a good idea changes into a bad one rather than stay good without changing.

We live in a society where it’s the product that matters. You can twist and turn a design concept as creatively as you want, but in the end it’s your client that matters. You may be the best and worst designer if the world if you are talented but care more about yourself than your client.

Taking all that into account, I am proudly a web devsigner and I’m happy what my education and personal hobby have allowed me to become. The next step is having an active blog on Tumblr, then finishing the three Tumblr themes I had created last summer.